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News from the Notch: Conant Lodge Update 9/16/21

Hello, CRC Campers and Friends,

Feedback from the 2021 Season and Extension at CRC was enthusiastically positive! Smaller groups than usual enjoyed each other's company on the porch and on the lawn, and indeed, inside the Conant Lodge. We discovered that having breakfast looking west on the porch or through the diamond paned windows inside was a real treat. People played games on the lawn, swam in the Cold River, read in the Library, and hiked all the favorite trails and more. The pre-packed lunches were a big hit with all the guests. Jennilee and her croo served delicious meals buffet style, and guests took their choice of seating. Thanks to all who made this summer a successful one.

Next season we hope to be at full capacity as we keep abreast of the guidelines during this pandemic. You will receive your Little Deer Dispatch or read on the website how to register in January. Final interviews for the new manager are scheduled for this week. Frank Eastman will mow a section of the blueberry fields to keep the crops coming (2021 was a bountiful blueberry season). Larry's Lair has two new dormer windows, plus a new roof on the way, while Purple Mountain is brighter with trees cut back and major restoration work going on currently. Camp is bustling.

Thank you to the donors for giving so generously to the Conant Lodge Campaign, which has reached the significant milestone of $1 million! Your continued support is essential to this project. The CRC Committee, the Capital Campaign Committee, and the Lodge Planning Committees have all contributed to making the new dining hall and kitchen a reality.

Although the design-build team worked extraordinarily hard to make the 2021 start possible, supply chain and other COVID dislocations interfered. We have repositioned to begin the project physically in September 2022 and we remain committed to seeing this centennial project through to completion. Updates will be forthcoming.

Thanks to you all for your positive comments and your joy at the prospect of this welcoming and gracious rehabilitation of our Lodge.

Sally Morris

Manager Transition:

As the summer 2021 season draws to a close, we will be saying farewell to Jennilee Sirois and her family as Jennilee moves on to year-round employment. We owe great thanks to Jennilee for her flexibility, patience, and creativity during the pandemic as well as her three years of service to Camp. Thank you Jennilee!

The Manager Search Committee has been formed and a job posting has just been listed on the AMC website. We want to reach out to the CRC community and friends of the outdoors to spread the word of this opportunity for summer 2022 and beyond! Please check out the job posting/link and share the news

Dave Anderson is heading up the search, along with Gillian Graham, Emma Huse, and John Dean. You can reach out to them or to Sally Morris with questions or suggestions. Thank you!

CRC has formed a new Sub-Committee for Conservation at CRC. We have identified good changes that have already occurred in Camp and we are discussing ways to make Camp more sustainable. We have a working list of short, medium, and long term goals. We would like to hear your suggestions as this project moves forward. Please submit your comments and ideas at the following link. You can include either written text (e.g. as a paragraph) or a separate file, such as a Word or PDF document. Thank you!

A Chairs’ Challenge Message from John Judge, AMC President & CEO


Dear Cold River Camp Supporter,

Cold River Camp is truly one of AMC’s jewels. You, its guests and volunteers, fiercely love it for its scenery and trails, sense of community, and historic buildings. Not surprisingly, many of you have contributed to the Conant Lodge Project, raising close to $1 million to date.

More funds are needed, however, to ensure that the 100-year-old Conant Lodge is ready for its next 100 years. Please give generously to the Chairs’ Challenge now—even if you’ve already given. The deadline is right around the corner, and the chairs will be waiting to welcome you back to the porch.

John Judge
President & CEO

P.S. Giving options and instructions are below. For more on the Conant Lodge Project, please click here

There you can find the latest information about the project, view the design, and complete your gift using the Pledge Form

chairs chairs

Preparing Conant Lodge for the Next 100 Years:

Giving Pyramid

The 100-year-old Conant Lodge is at the heart of the Cold River Camp experience that we cherish so much. The CRC Committee has approved the East Design to meet the future needs of Camp while maintaining an affordable outdoor experience for all. Groundbreaking is planned for autumn 2021. The Conant Lodge Campaign seeks your help now to raise the final one-third of the total $1.4 million needed for the project.

A huge thanks to the many members of the CRC community who have generously pledged gifts ranging from $100 to $150,000, adding up to $925,000 pledged or donated so far! We are illustrating our progress as a unique journey from Camp to the summit of South Baldface. We are through the woods, past the Shelter, up the Ledges and nearing the Knob. Especially to those who have not contributed yet: we need you to help us pass the Knob and move on to the Summit!

Join with members of your community to invest in Cold River Camp’s next 100 years! Send a gift or pledge to donate by 2022. Click here for more details about how to make your gift.

Click here to learn more about the Conant Lodge Project.

Last update 9/16/21