Hiring New Summer Manager / co-Managers for 2019!

Our wonderful summer managers for the past ten years, Jim DiCarlo and Laurie Barr, have decided that it has been a good long run and it’s time to move on to other things. They will graciously help with the transition to new management. Laurie and Jim have been such an integral and positive aspect of the CRC experience. We are deeply grateful for their service to Camp and guests over so many years.

A New Manager Search Committee is in place - Gillian Graham, Sally Morris and David Weston, with support from others, most especially Nancy Grant, AMC Director of Volunteer Camps and Cabins, Jillian Mucci, AMC HR Senior Officer; and Laurie Barr and Chris Clyne and maybe others will help assess the potentially very good candidates, conducting interviews and making a recommendation.

The Cold River Camp position is fairly unique, so it often turns out that informal networking is the most fertile ground for finding a great match. Members of the Cold River Camp  community are encouraged to help. If you know someone who might be a really good match and could be interested, please share news of the opening and this link –


That link points right to the official CRC summer manager job posting on the AMC jobs site and allows a person to view it and, if they desire, to set up an account and submit an application.