Mail Reservations:

All mail reservations reservations require a deposit.

·      Regular season: $200 per person.

·      Extension season: $100 per person.

·      Reservation deposits are not transferrable.

·      Cash or checks are accepted; please make checks payable to AMC Cold River Camp. 

·      At this time, Cold River Camp cannot accept credit cards or electronic payments for mail reservations (credit cards accepted for online reservations)

·      The entire deposit is applied to your bill; the remainder is payable at camp.


How to Request a Reservation:

To request a reservation you must mail these five items:

1.     A completed Reservation Form, up to ten people per form.

2.     A completed  AMC Liability-Waiver Form for each member of your party.  (Without this completed form we cannot process your reservation request.)

3.     A completed AMC Cold River Camp Common Safety Expectations Agreement Form

4.     A check payable to AMC Cold River Camp to cover a deposit of $200 per person per week for summer, $100 per person for Extension Season.  Remainder of bill is payable at camp (no credit cards).

5.     A business-size self-addressed stamped envelope.


Summer Season and Extension Reservation requests from March 1st to August 25thth:
Lois Winkler, Registrar, 17 Southview St., Pleasantville, NY 10570

 (914) 747-3194, before 9 PM, please.