Conant Lodge Planning Projects

This web page contains information on the status of the Conant Lodge major planning projects, provide access to primary documents-in-progress, and provide the opportunity for members of the Cold River community to directly give feedback.

Status Update (12/19/2018)

Hello Cold River Camp Community!

This is the beginning of what will become more regular updates on the Lodge Planning Project. Each week last summer the Lodge/Dining/Kitchen Planning Committee (the Lodge Planning Committee) presented a Lodge planning status update as a way of actively communicating with the CRC Community about the Lodge Planning project. We received significant Community feedback as a result of those meetings, as well as from members who directly provided comments via mail, email or online. We have carefully reviewed and discussed all of that feedback over the past few months and incorporated it into our planning process.

The Lodge/Dining/Kitchen Planning Committee (the Lodge Planning Committee) has been extremely active since last summer, but remains in the planning phase. No specific proposal has been reviewed and gained wide acceptance even within the Committee, whether it be one of the six concepts presented in the summer or anything else. The Committee has met regularly in weekly conference calls since September.

Since last summer, the Committee has done the following:

a. revised and updated a proposed priority of requirements to help guide the Committee’s design choices;

b. done a quantitative assessment of the six design concepts from the summer as a basis for further discussion of their relative strengths and weaknesses as a mutual learning exercise;

c. systematically reviewed and evaluated the current Lodge dining, social, and kitchen areas in terms of the existing design by focusing on four areas:

·       functional/operational;

·       aesthetics/historical;

·       climatic performance/comfort;

·       Sustainability.

And as part of that review captured an extensive amount of detail about the uses and measurements and characteristics of the current Lodge main areas—dining kitchen, social, porch, bathroom, and have become more educated on some of the building and health code implications of potential changes, and become more aware of possible ripple effects that involve, e.g., Lodge foundation, septic system or electrical service.

The purpose of this review was to aid in the future development and evaluation of designs.

We have systematically reviewed all of the guest feedback since the beginning of this project to make sure we fully understand the suggestions and concerns received so far. We have incorporated this feedback, including specific alternate design concept suggestions, into our discussions and evaluations. We plan to continue to solicit and evaluate future feedback as well.

Since May we have expanded the Committee to include Jan Irvin, who is a professional architect with significant experience in the rehabilitation of historic structures. Jan is a long-time Camp guest, and is a volunteer member of the Committee. In addition, Laurie Barr, former CRC Manager, is now a permanent member of the Committee, and has participated in numerous meetings, allowing the valuable perspective she brings to be more fully present.

We plan to follow-up this communication with periodic updates. The purpose of these ongoing updates is to provide a high level overview of what the Committee has considered and evaluated so that the you have a better understanding of how the planning process is progressing. We encourage you to provide feedback and ideas by either going directly to the Camp’s website (by clicking “About CRC” then “Lodge Planning Project” then look for the “Community Lodge feedback form near the bottom of the page) or by using this link (here).

We look forward to hearing more from you, and to providing you with future updates.

John Dean, Vice Chair CRC Committee and Ian Duncan, CRC Committee Member on behalf of the Lodge Planning Committee

Status Update (5/4/2018)

There are two active committees and an architect:

·       An overall Lodge / Dining Area Committee (Emma Crane, Evan Doucett, Nancy Hartle, Bobby Kaufman, Amy Grover, Frank Mastro, Gary Munson, Mark Winkler) which is to looking at overall Lodge needs including Dining; (until mid-February this was two separate committees, overall Lodge, and Dining Room, which agreed to merge given overlap and determining that the bulk of the attention will be on the dining area and related aspects).

·       A Kitchen Committee (Garry Crane, John Dean, Frank Mastro, Cheryl Poirier, Gail Roberts, Jim Weston) which is to propose a recommendation for a major kitchen renovation.

·       Architect Anne Whitney of Portsmouth NH, who has extensive experience in working on historic structures and lives and volunteers in a very history preservation-minded town and came highly recommended by one of our committee members based on personal experience.

The two committees and the architect are working closely together. Additionally, we have greatly benefitted from the participation of past camp manager and still current volunteer Bill Waste.

A first cross-committees + architect meeting was held November 30, 2017 to essentially level-set – share information about work done in the past, review a draft statement of needs and considerations, ask questions and share observations.

The Kitchen Committee has been at work since May 2017, initially looking at renovations within the existing kitchen & shed footprint, working with users of our kitchen and also with kitchen designers and equipment vendors. A kitchen renovation by itself will be expensive enough to require a capital campaign, which will require AMC approval.

The initial committees focus starting in November 2017 was to produce a "requirements" stable draft - needs, considerations, constraints that would guide the exploration and assessment of solutions. Based on that, the architect has proposed designs. A stable requirements draft was achieved in early February.

A cross-committees call was held on Feb. 22 with the architect to review an initial draft plan proposed by her, which has since been revised to incorporate various comments and suggestions. Other sketches have been provided by various committee members for consideration, both in terms of appeal and feasibility, representing design concepts that emphasize several other potential solution characteristics. At present, the committees are looking at these sketches and the architect designs to formulate more of a consensus on which requirements and design aspects are most important, since some significant tradeoffs may have to be made.

The high level plan and schedule is to

1)     Come up with a specific proposal on Lodge improvements by late spring 2018, all of which will fall under a proposed capital campaign

2)     Obtain AMC approval and plan the capital campaign in summer and fall of 2018

3)     Conduct the capital campaign in 2019, in conjunction with our Centennial Celebration

4)     Construction schedules TBD; we want to ensure we keep Camp in normal operation

Members of the CRC community can follow status at this web page and can provide feedback. In addition, you are invited to call in to a conference call reviewing project status scheduled for the evening of Thursday April 26 at 7:30 PM EST, to permit CRC community members to telephone in and ask questions and provide input. Further details (phone number and access code) for calling in will be provided via email to the CRC community email address list. We may hold more than one of these community-wide update sessions.

Documents-in-Progress and Feedback

Primary current draft documents can be found here: Lodge Documents. The design/sketch files illustrate the kinds of layouts that have been discussed thus far. However, they do not educate you about all the discussions on the pros and cons or feasibility of the alternatives.

Community feedback can be conveyed here: Community Lodge Feedback Form

Project History

If you’re wondering whatever ultimately happened to the original Dining Room project the Camp Committee worked in the spring of 2017 and decided to proceed with in May and then was tabled on July 18, or what was supposed to happen next, that specific effort is superseded by this new overall Lodge planning effort. It should be observed that even at the time, the Camp Committee had other things in mind, especially a major kitchen renovation and the potential incorporation of an indoor, handicap-accessible bathroom. The Camp Committee’s approach was one of divide and conquer – while realizing these were all related and needed to be understood to some significant degree together, they didn’t all have to be worked in lock step. Additionally, the Camp Committee had the resources to sequentially plan out and set the dining room project in motion to be ready for 2018 and then involve the CRC community still with the possibility of making modifications. The opportunity for 2018 is now behind us, and we are now in the more normal and expected mode of engaging CRC community members before any seemingly final decisions are made.

For perhaps a decade or so, there has been Camp Committee discussion of a major renovation to the kitchen area, which would require a capital campaign to fund.  A committee was created in April 2017 to define a proposal for the specifics of a renovation, essentially keeping within the footprint of the existing kitchen/shed space. The members were and still are Jim Weston and John Dean co-chairs, Garry Crane, Frank Mastro, Cheryl Poirier and Gail Roberts. They worked over the summer and fall, making great strides in proposed layout, work flow and equipment. The original plan was to share that work with the CRC community when a specific proposal was ready, but that took a pause in order to sync up with the new lodge projects reorganization.