East and West Cox Duplex Family Cabin

East and West Cox East and West Cox East and West Cox duplex family cabin
East Cox East Cox East Cox

East and West Cox are duplex units in a family cabin. Each unit sleeps three. It is ideal for a family of 4 to 6 persons or two families of 3 or less each. The Cox family cabin can be readily made handicap accessible by moving the porch railing on the right side (facing the porch) to the front to block the stairs. The wheelchair ramp is already in place.

Both East and West Cox units are equipped with three single beds each with three blankets, mattress, pillow, linens and a set of towels for each person. In addition, each unit has a closet, bureau, chairs, bedside table, kerosene lamp, waste basket, fire extinguisher, smoke detector, fireplace, wood, and matches. A towel change is made part way through each week

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