2019 AMC Cold River Camp Wish List

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AMC Cold River Camp AMC Cold River Camp

The Big Dipper from the CRC South Lawn (A. Grover)

          AMC Cold River Camp Wish List  


The AMC Cold River Camp Wish List is a way to encourage giving to tangible causes to help improve camp life.  If you like to see where your money goes, donating to the Wish List could be for you!


All contributions are tax deductible.  All donors are recognized on the Cold River Camp website and in The Little Deer Dispatch or you can choose to remain anonymous. You do not have to fund an entire item.


The AMC Cold River Camp Committee is deeply appreciative of those who can and do give that extra support to the Cold River Camp community with generous gifts of time, money or goods. 

2018  Wish List

1.     Furniture repair and replacement fund – for Lodge porch, Lodge and cabins. Cost varies with repair or replacement.

2.     3 Washable blankets ($90 to $120 each).

3.     Underwriting some or all of the production costs of The Little Deer Dispatch (about $2,200 annually).

4.     Mattresses for the ongoing “Mattress replacement program” (about $250 each).

5.     Dual head level 2 charging station with a cost, including installation, of $3,000


Contact Emma Crane via the Contact Us page if you have questions about making a donation. Checks should be made out to the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) and sent to Dick Goettle, CRC Treasurer, 433 NH Route 119 East, Fitzwilliam NH 03447, with an indication of what the donation is for.

Thank you to our generous donors in 2017!

A heartfelt THANK YOU to our 2017 donors from the AMC Cold River Camp Committee on behalf of the camp community and the Appalachian Mountain Club. We greatly appreciate your generosity in monetary or material donations and recognize your commitment to the present enjoyment and future good of Cold River Camp. Our apologies if we missed someone!

John and Liz Dean, Susan S. Ahern, Norman L. and Brenda E. Major, Dorothy K. West, Linda Camerato, Jayne Merrick, Bob and Susan Mair, Sara and Will Urban, Wendy C. Goldfarb, Christopher Jone, David and Connie Beattie, George and Edna Moody, Elizabeth Wisler, Susan Champeny, Janet Wiseman and Joseph Brevard, Tim and Ann Prindle, Geoffrey Rice, Marcy Pouliot, Kate Leary and Andrew Malone, Maggan Bolduc and Michael Arbasetti, Scott and Phyllis Rowley, Norm and Kate Thibeault, Carol Irving Foundation, Richard and Mary Jane Cheever, Derek Cheever and Jane Suda, Nancy Weinreich, Philip Werner and Meryl Cohen, David and Anne Gotz, Shani Delaney and Lev Kaufman, Bill Fuchs, Glenn Palmer and Barbara Krause, Ross Lanius, Jr., Joel Deitz and Barbara Berko, Wendy Burke, Steve Fink and Maria Palmisano, Lynn C. Murray, Anonymous.

Date last updated: 2/12/2018