Volunteer Opportunities at Cold River Camp

Cold River Camp (CRC) is successful because of the efforts of its many volunteers. All camp activities are overseen by the Cold River Camp Committee, a group of volunteers who establish policies for the property, affairs, business and operation of the camp. Other volunteers help with a wide variety of camp projects and activities. Volunteers are the lifeblood of Cold River Camp!

New volunteers are always welcome. If you enjoyed your camp experience, would you be willing to share your talents to make CRC an even better place? You do not need a background in education, recreational management or environmental science, just a simple willingness to help.

Volunteering for CRC can be a very rewarding experience. Ask anyone who does it!

How Can I Volunteer at CRC?

Volunteering for Cold River Camp takes many forms, and your contributions of time and effort are welcomed in a variety of areas. If you would like more information about volunteering (To volunteer), please contact the Volunteer Coordinator or Cold River Committee Chair by e-mail at the Contact Us page or fill out a volunteer form while at Cold River Camp.

Hike Leaders / Naturalists

Would you like to be a hike leader or naturalist? Hike leaders and naturalists receive training and undergo an "apprenticeship" program before they become leaders. They are encouraged to keep their skills sharp by participating in periodic "refresher" sessions. Special interests or a background in these areas are certainly helpful, but people skills, common sense and a willingness to see to it that guests have a good time are much more important.

Maintenance / Facilities

Keeping CRC's buildings and grounds operating properly requires continuing effort. Volunteers perform needed maintenance on work weekends in the spring and fall. Please join us for one or more of these CRC Work Weekends. We get a lot done and have a lot of fun doing it!

People with skills in plumbing, electrical work and carpentry are of course very welcome, but we also need people willing to paint, do landscaping, prune shrubs and trees, and do assorted simple jobs.

Extension Season Volunteer

During the Extension Season, the dining facility and common areas including bathrooms and the lodge are maintained by volunteers. They also assist the kitchen staff with some prep of meals and cleanup after meals. There is ample time after morning chores and before evening ones to enjoy hiking or other activities. Meals and lodging are provided. You can volunteer for as little as a weekend, to as long as two weeks.

Individual and Committee Activity Involvement

Individuals and committees administer various aspects of CRC life. CRC also hosts various events in the off-season, and volunteers make these possible. Some of the current volunteer opportunities are:

CRC Committee
Hike Leaders / Naturalists Trail Work Weekends (with CTA)
Camp Opening (May) & Closing (Oct.) Facility Maintenance
Extension Season Crew (Sept.) Conservation & Education Programming
Flower Garden Maintenance Publicity & Marketing
Land Management and Planning

If you would like to be contacted about any of these, please e-mail the CRC Committee Chair (see Contact us page) or fill in a volunteer form while at Cold River Camp.


Last update 11/13/2018