AMC Land Acquisition for CRC 1919 - 1986

Main Bungalow (c1918) Main Bungalow (c1918) Main Bungalow (1919 CRC Prospectus)
Conant Lodge (c2013) Conant Lodge (c2013) Conant Lodge (c2013)

The first plot of land was acquired for camp in 1919 by the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). It contained the Main Bungalow (now Conant Lodge), the Sisters Cabin (now Cox Cabin), the May Cottage (now the Library), and Lawrence Tower (now the Tower). An additional 9 plots of land were acquired between 1920 and 1986. The current CRC Composite Plot Plan is shown below. Cilick on a picture above or the plot plan for an enlarged image. Click here to download a .pdf file for an even larger CRC Plot Plan. Copies of the CRC Deed for each plot of land may also be viewed.

plot_Plan plot_Plan
Cold River Camp Composite Plot Plan