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News from the Notch, 10/31/21

Hello, CRC Campers and Friends,

We are gearing up for the 2022 Season, with our annual Cold River Camp Committee meeting November 6 to discuss the details of the summer ahead as well as planning long term for the good of the Camp. Fortified by the success of our 2021 season, we are making plans to open Camp fully in 2022. The Little Deer Dispatch will go out in December with the application materials and news, and keep your eyes out for updates to the Camp website.

The Conant Lodge Project is totally alive and well, now working toward a construction start of September 2022 and finish in May 2023. COVID-19 related uncertainties in material costs and scarcity of resources necessitated a one-year shift in the building schedule. The Lodge Building, Campaign and Cold River Camp Committees remain as committed as ever to seeing the project completed.

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Cold River. I look forward to seeing you in Camp in 2022.

Sally Morris

Welcome to our New Manager:

Emmy Holt will join us at Cold River in 2022 as the 22nd Cold River Camp Manager. Emmy has a long history with Cold River, including being one of the "Manager's kids" and is eager to re-engage fully in her role. In addition to her time in Camp, which she will enjoy sharing with you in person this summer, she will bring her experience as a YMCA director of Youth and Sports and her many years working with both sea mammals directly as well as managing the interns at aquariums and sea life centers in Alaska and Georgia.

CRC has formed a new Sub-Committee for Conservation at CRC. We have identified good changes that have already occurred in Camp and we are discussing ways to make Camp more sustainable. We have a working list of short, medium, and long term goals. We would like to hear your suggestions as this project moves forward. Please submit your comments and ideas at the following link. You can include either written text (e.g. as a paragraph) or a separate file, such as a Word or PDF document. Thank you!

Good News about the Chairs' Challenge


And, many answered the call! You exceeded the goal of the challenge and we collected the match of $50,000. There is always room on the Lodge Porch for more supporters and, at this point, for more donations to offset the ongoing challenge of COVID-19 cost increases.

Please consider an end of the year gift. Giving options and instructions are below. For more on the Conant Lodge Project, please click here

There you can find the latest information about the project, view the design, and complete your gift using the Pledge Form


Preparing Conant Lodge for the Next 100 Years:

Giving Pyramid

The 100-year-old Conant Lodge is at the heart of the Cold River Camp experience that we cherish so much. The CRC Committee has approved the East Design to meet the future needs of Camp while maintaining an affordable outdoor experience for all. The Conant Lodge Campaign seeks your help now to raise the final one-third of the total $1.4 million needed for the project.

A huge thanks to the many members of the CRC community who have generously pledged gifts ranging from $100 to $150,000, adding up to $925,000 pledged or donated so far! We are illustrating our progress as a unique journey from Camp to the summit of South Baldface. We are through the woods, past the Shelter, up the Ledges, onto the Knob, and making our way to the Summit. Especially to those who have not contributed yet: we need you to help us in our final push to the Summit!

Join with members of your community to invest in Cold River Camp’s next 100 years! Send a gift or pledge to donate by 2022. Click here for more details about how to make your gift.

Click here to learn more about the Conant Lodge Project.

Last update 9/16/21