Conant Lodge Planning Projects

This web page will contain information on the status of the Conant Lodge major planning projects, provide access to primary documents-in-progress, and provide the opportunity for members of the Cold River community to directly give feedback.

Summary of current status

As of November 2017 there are three committees and an architect in place:

·       An overall Lodge Committee (Evan Doucett, Bobby Kaufman, Amy Grover, Frank Mastro, Gary Munson) which is to look at overall Lodge needs and also provide the glue with the other two committees – all of this is related

·       A Dining Room Committee (Emma Crane, Nancy Hartle, Frank Mastro, Mark Winkler) which is to assess needs and motivations for a new/different  dining space and make a recommendation

·       A Kitchen Committee (Garry Crane, John Dean, Frank Mastro, Cheryl Poirier, Gail Roberts, Jim Weston) which is to propose a recommendation for a major kitchen renovation.

·       Architect Anne Whitney of Portsmouth NH, who has extensive experience in working on historic structures and lives and volunteers in a very history preservation-minded town and came highly recommended by one of our committee members based on personal experience

The three committees and the architect will of course work closely together.

A first all-committees + architect meeting was held November 30, 2017 to essentially level-set – share information about work done in the past, review a draft statement of needs and considerations, ask questions and share observations.

The Kitchen Committee has been at work since May 2017, looking at renovations within the existing kitchen & shed footprint, working with users of our kitchen and also with kitchen designers and equipment vendors. That by itself will be expensive enough to require a capital campaign which will require AMC approval.

The high level plan is to

1)     Come up with a specific proposal on Lodge improvements by late spring 2018, all of which will fall under a proposed capital campaign

2)     Obtain AMC approval and plan the capital campaign in summer and fall of 2018

3)     Conduct the capital campaign in 2019, in conjunction with our Centennial Celebration

4)     Construction schedules TBD; we want to ensure we keep Camp in normal operation

Members of the CRC community can follow status at this web page and can provide feedback. In addition, you are invited to call in to one of the conference calls, to be scheduled, to permit CRC community members to telephone in and ask questions and provide input.

Documents-in-Progress and Feedback

Primary current draft documents can be found here: Lodge Documents

Community feedback can be conveyed here: Community Lodge Feedback Form

Projects History

If you’re wondering whatever ultimately happened to the original Dining Room project the Camp Committee worked in the spring of 2017 and decided to proceed with in May and then was tabled on July 18, or what was supposed to happen next, that specific effort is superseded by this new overall Lodge planning effort. It should be observed that even at the time, the Camp Committee had other things in mind, especially a major kitchen renovation and the potential incorporation of an indoor, handicap-accessible bathroom. The Camp Committee’s approach was one of divide and conquer – while realizing these were all related and needed to be understood to some significant degree together, they didn’t all have to be worked in lock step. Additionally, the Camp Committee had the resources to sequentially plan out and set the dining room project in motion to be ready for 2018 and then involve the CRC community still with the possibility of making modifications. The opportunity for 2018 is now behind us, and we are now in the more normal and expected mode of engaging CRC community members before any seemingly final decisions are made.

For perhaps a decade or so, there has been Camp Committee discussion of a major renovation to the kitchen area, which would require a capital campaign to fund.  A committee was created in April 2017 to define a proposal for the specifics of a renovation, essentially keeping within the footprint of the existing kitchen/shed space. The members were and still are Jim Weston and John Dean co-chairs, Garry Crane, Frank Mastro, Cheryl Poirier and Gail Roberts. They worked over the summer and fall, making great strides in proposed layout, work flow and equipment. The original plan was to share that work with the CRC community when a specific proposal was ready, but that took a pause in order to sync up with the new lodge projects reorganization.