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The 9-week summer full-service season is not the only way to enjoy Camp. Come experience the "Off Season" at Cold River Camp! Off Season runs mid-May through mid-June and mid-September through mid-October. Camp is a quieter place, offering different experiences. In spring, returning birds are at their most colorful and frolicsome, flowers bloom, and the streams and cascades are running full.  The fall offers stunning foliage and the nearby renowned Fryeburg Fair. In these seasons, you can still enjoy classic hiking, biking, or paddling - but in cooler weather, with crisp, starry nights. In winter, the silent snowy landscape is unforgettable - and challenging. But the Winter Cabin will be your warm refuge after ski or snowshoe outings.

See the website calendar for details: http://www.amccoldrivercamp.org/Pages/CRC_Calendar.pdf

Advance registration required. Additional details available from Off-Season Manager (see contact information below).

Extension Season

The first two weeks of September are statistically dry and clear, with cool nights, long views, and leaves slowly going gold and red. This is Extension Season at Cold River Camp, with a relaxed pace and some of the best hiking, biking, and kayaking weather of the year. You choose the schedule that fits your needs, from two nights to two weeks. You bring your own linens (and perhaps a sleeping bag), but otherwise enjoy all the normal amenities, including three wholesome meals a day, served mornings and evenings cafeteria style. The rate is $82/person/night (AMC member rate). Use the summer season reservation form and specify the dates of arrival and departure. For more details, see the reservation information at http://www.amccoldrivercamp.org/Pages/reservInfo.html

-Chris Clyne and Ned Beecher, Extension Season Managers

Spring & Fall

For a month each "shoulder" season, Camp is open for group use - and self-service in the Fall. Camp cooks provide all meals cafeteria style (except during self-service), in consultation with group leaders. The Camp is staffed with an event Manager and volunteer crew. All facilities are open for use. Campers bring their own linens, and, otherwise, enjoy all of Camp, as usual. It's ideal for AMC Chapter outings, family reunions, weddings, and celebrations. Advance group reservation & deposit required. First-come, first-served. Weekends especially sell out early!

2020 Rates and Information



Group Size




*AMC waiver form required for ALL off season use

*Camp Representative on site

Available Dates: See the Calendar for details and/or contact the Off-season Manager

Off Season Regular Group


$82 per person/night

$200 (non-refundable)


$800 six weeks before arrival


All (dinner, breakfast, trail lunch)

All Camp facilities, with a reserved set of guest cabins

2 night minimum. Groups register their individuals & collect payment and provide CRC with tabulated payment (one check or multiple checks). One group leader stays for free for each 20 people. Firewood provided. Limited wifi access. Campers bring linens. All guests are responsible for sweeping cabins, folding blankets and removing trash from cabins at the end of their stay.

May, early June, late September, and early October

Off Season Self-Service

$42 per person/night

$42 (non- refundable)

No minimum

Self-service use of Camp kitchen

All Camp facilities, with assigned guest cabins

2-night minimum. Reservations can be made up to 48 hours prior to arrival. Full payment on arrival. Firewood provided. Campers bring linens. All guests are responsible for sweeping cabins, folding blankets, and removing trash from cabins at the end of their stay

From the end of Extension to Closing Weekend


BETA: Online Payments for Self-Service Nights

# of self-service nights
Number of people
Date of arrival:
Date of departure:

Cold River Camp also is a wonderful place to hold celebrations, be it a wedding or family reunion. For more information on celebration pricing, to check on all off season availability, or to make reservations please contact:

Ned Beecher
Off-Season Manager
Cold River Camp, AMC


Last update 11/23/2019