CRC Land & Forest Management

Cold River Camp owns about 86 acres of land, much of which is forested. It is the Camp’s responsibility to manage this land. In keeping with AMC’s mission, such management focuses on ecological stewardship. The land also serves the important purpose of being a base for Camp operations. Proper stewardship means balancing the needs of Camp and the ecology of the area.

This page provides information on forest management and care of the developed areas of Camp.

Forest Management

Care of Developed Areas

Different priorities and efforts are undertaken in the developed areas of Camp, separate from the forest management plan: regular mowing, pruning, tree planting and removal, blueberry field maintenance, and maintenance of access ways. These activities are coordinated by Cheryl Poirier (blueberry maintenance), the garden subcommittee, and others (e.g. Bob and Emma Crane, who maintain the nature trail).